Black Wheel Nuts

From £49

Made in Italy
Set of 16 or 20 (depending if you want locking wheel nuts)
Made to ISO14001 & TS16949 standards


For those owners with the upgraded black forged wheels it has always astounded us why Ford never chose to use black wheel nuts and locking nut. Finished in black would give a much more sleek and upmarket appearance – well fear not as we have located a high quality set of wheel nuts manufactured in Italy which are available in a variety of packages to suit your requirements:

  • Set of 16 (no locking wheel nuts included) – this is if you want to run with the standard locking wheel nut £49
  • Set of 16 wheel nuts and a set of 4x black Thatcham approved locking wheel nut set/key (optional plastic lock nut covers +£10) – these replace OE wheel nuts and OE locking nut £89
  • Set of 20 (no locking wheel nuts included) – if you don’t want to have any locking wheel nuts £59

These closed end 60º wheel nuts are manufactured to a high specification using high quality materials and are suitable for the Ford Forge Alloy Wheels.


Before & After


  • Tread: M12 x 1.5
  • Hex Size: 19mm
  • Overall Length: 29mm
  • Seat: 60º
  • Colour: Black
  • Made to ISO14001 and TS16949 standards
  • Next working day locking wheel nut replacement

Note: these also fit the standard multispoke wheels.

Black Wheel Nuts Mk3 Focus RS

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