Do Not Wash This Vehicle Hanger Sign


Make sure powerful chemicals are not used on your car
Keep your RS in pristine condition
Double sided print


We have all been there you where put your beloved car into your dealership for a service and specifically tell the lovely receptionist ‘can you assure that no one washes my car as I have just washed it before I came here, it is spotless and do not like anyone else cleaning it’, ‘yes of course sir I will make sure no one cleans it’. 4 hours later you return to collect your car and see the young valeter out the back of the workshop cleaning your car with a brush and a few rags arghhh! You spend countless hours ensuring that your beloved RS is kept in pristine condition and within 10 minutes there can be literally hundreds of swirl marks all over your bodywork!

With a large majority of cars having to be recalled for the head gasket issue it is critical that not only do you tell the receptionist not to clean your car but have an internal sign instructing the dealership valter not to touch your car as it is all to common that instructions are not passed on the recepionist to the workshop.

These hangers are printed on a high quality card and can be hung from the mirror or indicator stalk or even placed in your side window anywhere to catch attention.