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Exhaust Valve Delete Plug

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Plug & Play
Simple Installation
Removes 'Drive Modes Not Available' error codes


The Exhaust Valve Delete Plug allows you to correctly terminate the wiring loom that plugs into the exhaust valve, with the correct deletion you will also avoid fault codes. Many Mk3 Focus RS owners have experienced the dreaded ‘Drive Modes Not Available’ message due to the valve not working how it should where this removes the error and tricks the ECU into thinking the valve is working as normal.

  • Plug & Play
  • Simple Installation
  • The Terminator features an internal circuit which will correctly Terminate the circuit


Turn engine off and remove the key, disconnect the plug at the valve and connect the terminator in place.  If you already have fault codes, this will stop further faults from happening but you will need to reset any existing faults after installation.

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Great video about the product and how to fit it by member Adam Rainey