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Unique Build Number Plaque

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Choice of Colours
Unique build number
Engraved aluminium


These Mk3 Focus RS unique plaque build numbers are engraved aluminium plates that are self adhesive and can be fixed in your desired location.

You can have a choice of finishes as shown in the photos.

These are produced in Austria by a Ford enthusiast BoerniRS (

How to find out your build number?

It is possible find your Focus RS in the database from a barcode reading at the end of the production line in Saarlouis. To get this BoerniRS needs the VIN… WF0… so please include this when ordering.

Please note that all orders are collected and monthly run takes place so orders can take 4-6 weeks.

Payments through PayPal directly to Boerni

If you buy additional plaques they are £15 each instead of £30.