SCC are in the Groove

SCC Performance have released a brake disc upgrade for the Mk3 Focus RS. These are genuine grooved Ford discs to their specification and are available for front and rear. With being Ford spec these fit on with no modifications what so ever.

Focus RS Front and Rear Grooved Discs

Why upgrade to grooved discs?

Grooved discs work by cleaning up the surface of the pad and allowing the gasses to escape from the face of the pad more effectively. This means no matter if it is a fast road car or track beast these will give you more performance and any additional braking power is always a worthy investment especially when you start to extract more power form the 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine.


SCC Grooved Front Discs

SCC Front Grooved Discs

Front Disc Close Up


Focus RS Grooved Discs

Focus RS Front Discs Fitted

Price: £272.00

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SCC Grooved Rear Discs

Rear Disc Close up

Focus RS Rear Discs Fitted

Price: £205.00

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Special Offer

If you mention this site when purchasing these brake discs, SCC Performance will kindly fit them for FREE!

Upgrade Pads?

To compliment these new high quality grooved discs SCC Performance are currently working on some upgraded brake pads which are due out very soon. We will post an update when we hear more.

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