Scorpion Showcases At RS Central Show

Scorpion exhausts who are well known in the fast Ford scene have completed their development process and launched their new Mk3 Focus RS system at the RS Central show which took place at Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday.

Focus RS Scorpion Exhaust

Scorpion displayed the 76mm/3in new RS exhaust system both on, and off the car meaning RS enthusiasts could not only see, but hear the sound of Red Power. Headline features for the latest Fast Ford exhaust include a centre section with a dynamic pyramid flat to ensure maximum ground clearance in keeping with the original system, reduced rear silencer volume ensures maximum power gains for both standard and tuned cars, electronic exhaust valve (O.E motor) works directly with the drive mode select button inside the car, twin 4.5in Daytona tailpipes fill the original valance giving the classic RS look.

Scorpion Focus RS Exhaust

Throughout the development process Scorpion technicians have ensured that the 76mm system is fully interchangeable and retains all O.E mounting points and fittings.


– Turbo Down Pipe from £199.00
– Sports Cat £515.00
– Cat back system from £740 to £1140

Options include:
Electronic valve
Polished tails
Black finish tails

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