Is Shmee150 buying a Focus RS?

Automotive internet sensation Shmee150 (Tim Burton) who is better known for his supercars than hot hatches was recently invited along to the LeMans 24 with the Chip Ganassi Racing team and what better car to be given for the journey than the new 350bhp Mk3 Focus RS.


Focus RS Shmee150 ReviewIf you haven’t seen any of Shmee150’s YouTube videos where have you been, he has been around for many years and with over 788k subscribers but normally he is testing McLarens, Porsches and Ferraris so what would he think of the RS? Just to put this into perspective Tim’s current garage consists of the McLaren 675LT, Ferrari FF and Porsche Cayman GT4.

Shmee150 Focus RS Review

Shmee150 Focus RS Test Drive

Focus RS Channel TunnelAfter driving from London to LeMan via Paris Tim (Shmee150) had a great opportunity to have a proper test of the car with a mixture of motorways, B-roads and country roads. This was a German press car from Cologne so this was a left hand drive model but regularing testing supercars this won’t be an issue for Tim.

After several hours in the Recaro shell seats it turns out he is rather taken by it as a car for all purposes. The Focus RS has shown great versatility to Shmee150 and has been so impressed by it he is even considering ordering one. This will be to compliment his current fleet where he could use the Focus RS for his daily miles but while doing those monotonous journeys he can still have some fun plus he could leave the RS in his local Tesco car park without accumulating a large audience. Like the majority of the reviews we have seen from the media so far Tim was super impressed by this little hot hatch and I think it is another huge tribute to Performance Ford on their work with this car it just seems to do no wrong as the orders continue to flood in.

Check out his video review as he seriously considers buying his very own RS. Feel free to shoot him a message with your recommendation.





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