Shmee150 opts for the Mountune FPM375 Upgrade

It has probably taken longer than most of us expected for Tim Burton aka ‘Shmee150‘ to tune his little blue pocket rocket. Coming from an extensive supercar background of Ferrari’s and McLaren’s many would of thought the blue oval would be no match for the other cars in Tim’s garage but being a Mk3 Focus RS owner I am pleased to report he seems really taken by the Nitrous Blue hatchback and I think this is a testiment to how good the car really is. Shmee150 had been using the car in various road trip videos including a visit to Scotland recently where it tipped him just over 7000 miles which got him thinking that now was a good time to give his Mk3 Focus RS some extra power.

Shmee150 Mountune Upgrade

Now with regards to tuning the car Shmee150 had various options including Revo Technik, Dreamscience and COBB to name a few however he chose to stick with Ford’s tuning division Mountune to extract more power from his ‘Ecobeast’ engine. Wanting to keep the Ford warranty intact the choice was then narrowed down to just the FPM375 package. This upgrade package which includes Mountune induction kit, sound suppression chamber and remap boosts power from 350PS to 375PS and torque from 470Nm to 510Nm.

Mountune FPM375 Shmee150

As well as the FPM375, there is also the M380 package however this is not fully warrantied through Ford, but Shmee150 did use the opportunity after taking a look around the workshop to take Mountune’s demo car for a little drive.

Shmee150 drives M380

Shmee150 Mountune FPM375/M380 Video Review

We are looking forward to seeing what Shmee150 upgrades next on his RS. I think it will be safe to say the axle-back exhaust system will be fitted pretty soon!

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