Single Stage Detail

Like many hardcore petrolheads, RS owners love the performance of their car yet equally adore making sure the car looks as good as it goes. With the Mk3 Focus RS costing over £30,000 it is a hefty investment for anyone therefore it is no wonder many owners are opting to have professional detailers protect their pride and joy right from the get go. This RS model will like all others from the RS line hold its value however to get the best return on your investment you will need to maintain the car to a high standard as in the nicest possible way RS owners are picky and even purchasing a used vehicle they want a cleanest example.

Step up AMDetails who are a specialist detailing company based in Elgin in the North of Scotland who work closely with the likes of Dodo Juice and Gtechniq to provide the complete professional car care service. The owner of this brand new Nitrous Blue Focus RS opted for the Single Stage Detail to correct the paintwork while also giving it a quality protection from the Scottish Highland elements. This colour of this paint really needs to be seen in person as the photos do not do it justice it changes from what looks like gloss baby blue to dancing flake popping blue it is incredible.

Pre Wash Condition




The Washing Stage








There was hardly any defects present with the car being new however any small marks where removed prior to the protection being applied.




The Detail

The AMDetails Single Stage Detail consists of a single stage machine polish which is mainly intended as prep before a Gtechniq coating or to remove any defects during the manufacturing process or during dealership prep. All painted surfaces then undergo a very fine machine polish using a finishing polish and pad. This gives the sharpest possible finish to the paint before the protection is applied. This service is perfectly suited for a brand new vehicle which does not suffer from heavy swirling or random deep scratches which can collate over time. On this occasion the car was coated in Gtechniq Crystal Serum which comes with a 7 year guarantee and two coats of Gtechniq EXO V2 plus the Total Surface Protection Package which as you will see from the video and pictures gives a flawless gloss finish.

Products Used

This is a list of the products used throughout this particular detail

Gtechniq Crystal Serum (7 Year Guarantee)
Gtechniq EXO V2

Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass
Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour (Wheels off Package)
Gtechniq C4 Perminent Trim Restorer
Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash
Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric
Gtechniq L1 Leather guard

Post Video Walk Round

What did owner Alan Medcraf have to say, “I’m not going to lie. I am a huge ‘fast ford’ fan. So when I started to get enquiries about the Mk3 RS and the Mustang I was excited every time. This customer spent a lot of time with us, the whole first day, to learn some techniques and also see the preparation involved in getting the car ready for coatings. If you haven’t already go see Nitrous Blue in person it is such a great colour. We are lucky enough to have several Mk3 Focus RS cars in the diary for the next few weeks so look out for more wheelie stool videos coming soon.”

Single Stage Detail Complete

Focus RS Detail Rear

Focus RS Detail Interior

Focus RS Detail Wheels

Focus RS Detail Front

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