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With the public release of the new Ford RS on the horizon, the American car manufacturer aimed to create some buzz by inviting 18 automotive media members to test drive the new model at the Willow Springs Raceway north of Los Angeles.

As expected they loved the new RS and we have compiled a short list of the best Ford RS USA media reviews for you guys.

Ford’s Latest and Greatest Hatchback (Mashable)

Nick Jaynes is one of Mashable’s go to guys for everything automotive and he loved the new Ford RS.

While he mentions that at first glance the new RS looks to have retreated in style and design when you actually drive the thing your perception will change. The new technology and superior drifting will make this one of the best cars to hit the American market.

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A Model To Challenge The World’s Fastest Compacts (Detroit Free Press/USA Today)

Mark Phelan, like Nick Jaynes from Mashable, picked up on the great technology on board the new RS. Specifically the all-wheel-drive system and aerodynamics were major plus points in the design of Ford’s latest RS instalment.

A model that will challenge anything out there in the same price range and even beyond when it is released onto the market this spring.

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The Ford RS Is Finally Coming To The US – And It’s Worth The Wait (The Verge)

What do you get when you have a hatchback with a bit of horsepower and attitude asks Jordan Golson? The new Ford RS of course.

The really clever part of the new RS according to Golson is allowing the rear wheels to be overdriven. It creates a much faster spin and all round driving performance. Given that it has the most accessible price in the Ford performance range it is going to be a big hit in 2016.

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No Automatic Option? No Problems (Road and Track)

Given that many performance cars that are released onto the US market have an automatic option the fact that the new Ford RS doesn’t only adds to the experience according to Kristen Lee and Travis Okulski of Road and Track.

Driver involvement only enhances what the new RS has to offer and they love the fact that this model hasn’t been ‘dumbed down’ before being released stateside. With Ford performance cars now being developed with the global market in mind Road and Track are positive about not only this model but non-automatic cars in the future.

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Balance and Confidence, The New RS Is The Real Deal (SVT Performance)

Steven Turner from SVT Performance noticed the thrust that the new RS offers over the Focus ST model. Indeed, Turner called the new RS the ‘real deal’ with an almost perfect balance between performance and confidence.

Like Road and Track, SVT appreciate how the new RS hasn’t been dumbed down for the American market and even though Turner was riding shotgun around the Willow Springs Raceway he loved what he saw.

Another Success In A Run Of Performance Cars (Yahoo! Autos)

Scott Burgess from Yahoo! Autos reckons the new Ford RS is another success in a run of performance cars from Ford.

While it might not be the king (this accolade went to the reborn GT) but the Ford RS is a fun car that can challenge the other performance models in its category. Burgess might not have driven it personally yet but he can’t wait to do so and we can see why.

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The new RS is hitting the stateside market this spring and with the Ford RS USA Media Reviews it is already set to be a big hit.

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