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Ken Block ready to put the new Focus RS through its paces in Valencia
Ken Block ready to put the new Focus RS through its paces in Valencia

Fresh off the assembly line and without the flamboyant body kit of the previous models the new Ford RS is more of subtle creature than an in your face monster.

Given its somewhat toned down look you might expect an equally reduced performance even if it does boast an impressive 60mph in 4.7 seconds.

We’re pretty excited about this new RS model from Ford and while we aren’t lucky enough to drive one yet ourselves we have found some people that have.

Jealousy can be a terrible thing but we are pretty envious of those that got to attend the 3 week Focus RS Valencia Media Drive in January 2016. For the first time a select few other than Ford employee’s got to test out the new RS model.

With its subtle but somewhat aggressive bodywork, vibrant nitrous blue launch colour and all round ‘cool’ persona that you’d expect from Ford we wanted to know how it handles.

4 Wheel Tyre Smoke

On track

We’re not weekend drivers. We don’t want to simply look at our cars in the driveway and take them for a spin for a few hours a week.

We want to know how this, as some would say, ‘blue collar hero’ actually performs.

Journalist Reviews from the Valencia Media Drive

Top Gear

So often the go-to source for the latest motor on the market Top Gear, well, really liked what they saw at the Focus RS Valencia Media Drive.

Describing the Circuit des Ecuyers just outside of Paris as more of a b-road than racing track the perennial reviewers loved the AWD’s grip around the testing conditions.

Labelled as a ‘game changer’ they also liken the new RS to ‘a WRC car on ice’. Scintillating stuff.

Evo Mag

Echoing Top Gear with their (albeit minor) concerns with the cabin quality, Evo Mag are equally as thrilled.

Initial concerns with the heavy steering in Sport mode are quickly put to bed and Evo purr over its playfulness when compared to the RS rivals.

Noting that the RS offers better value for money than the Golf R and praising it for its ‘compelling behaviour’ Evo concur that you will get performance for a very reasonable price.

Auto Express

‘Mind blowing’ is the first words that come to the mind of Auto Express after test driving this car.

They might be getting carried away initially but these guys also pick up on its performance for the money tag.

In fact, they emphasise its ‘family friendliness’ beyond its performance look. You can take this beast to the shops with your better half then let it open up on a country road by yourself.

These three weren’t the only privileged few at the Focus RS Valencia Media Drive. AutoCar and Car Magazine among others got to test drive this bad boy and the conclusions are strikingly similar.

A performance car with a more subtle look than its predecessors but one that doesn’t look out of place either doing the school run or letting rip on the open road.

Now we just need to get out hands on one!

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