Xtreme Clutch upgrades coming soon

Xtreme Clutch from Australia have not wasted anytime with their Mk3 Focus RS development with a range of upgraded clutches close to release.

Xtreme Clutch is a brand at the forefront of Performance clutch technology. Their close links with Motorsport and in house testing machinery allows them to carry out extensive testing on various combinations of disc design and materials for both high performance and racing applications so you know this clutch will be of good quality.

Focus RS Xtreme Clutch Upgrade

Clutch Upgrades

With an addictive launch control system on the RS, a clutch is a part that may need upgraded for many especially when you start to add more power.

Xtreme are still in the final stages of development but there are a variety of kits being developed including a single plate organic, ceramic and carbon and a twin plate organic, ceramic and carbon. The kits are designed for a variety of applications with options suitable for high horsepower street and track applications. These kits are not the same as the Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost but are very similar.

Xtreme Clutch
Focus RS Xtreme clutches are coming!


This picture below has been taken at the Auto Specialists workshop in Essex who are renowned Ford gurus look to be currently testing a Xtreme clutch prototype. Xtreme Clutch Mk3 Focus RS


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