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Mk3 Focus RS Club

You live, breathe and love your Mk3 Ford Focus RS, right? Well so do we. That’s it – end of story… About Us complete.

But chances are you are also a savvy Ford owner and you’d like a little more bang for your buck. So we are happy to offer you a some more detail – but don’t worry we try to avoid excessive hyperbole (we save that for the car sections).

Who are we?

Well, surprise, surprise… we are a group of committed RS owners and we all have backgrounds in owning performance cars. We are just a bunch of car nuts who have seen a need and filled it. We are members of the faithful few who love, love, love the Focus RS and will until our dying day. Frankly we think that is all the criteria we need!

Focus RS Club

What are we doing here?

We see ourselves as a platform for bringing us Mk3 Ford Focus RS owners out of the closets and into the sunlight from all over the world. This is a specific place to come to when you need a little understanding from a fellow owner or simply a little moan or rant – we all love a rant, right?

Sharing your passion with like minded individuals is such a rare thing and well, to be honest, nothing else existed online already that fully met our needs. We thought, “well, if we wanted a forum for expressing our love of the RS, then someone else would too” and this website was born.

Focus RS Owners Meet Up
The new Mk3 Focus RS on show at John Grose Ford, Ipswich

What we hope you will get from us?

If you are looking for a place to share your enthusiasm for a car that has to rank among the best driving experiences in the world, then you are in the right spot. This is a friendly place to share your car thoughts and to express your views and sometimes we even allow a little non-car related conversation to creep in.

We have news and views, the latest gossip from the world of Ford and of course the details of the new releases as soon as they hit the airwaves.

What we hope to get from you

We are always evolving and looking for ways to make this platform bigger and much cooler. So we welcome your feedback on how to make this a better place for everyone. Got an idea? Fire it off to us…who knows, it might make the cut!


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The Mk3 Focus RS Club is run by genuine enthusiasts with a real pasion for the RS line. We are creating a special community for a very special car. Come be a part of it.