Who runs the Mk3 Focus RS Club?

We are a group of Focus RS owners who all have backgrounds in owning fast Fords. We felt there was a need for a fresh new community dedicated to the brand new Mark 3 Focus RS. Want to know even more about us then check out our About Us page

Are we related to any other forums or communities?

No we are a completely independent club. Out team have all been members of many car clubs in the past and always felt we could be better so now is the time to prove it. We want to create a special community for this special car.

I would like to submit a news article is that possible?

Yes we are keen to get as many owners, tuners, manufacturers and enthusiasts all sharing their Focus RS news on our blog. Our users and members are always keen to keep up to date with the lastest RS gossip.

What are the forum rules?

Remember all info is the opinion of posters – it’s not our view.

Please be nice to all users and members. Remember, the main aim of this club is to help provide info and resources.

Why did my thread get removed?

Removal of a thread is considered the absolute last resort.

The main reasons a thread or post would be deleted is if they fall into one of the following categories:

– Offensive / Abusinve
– Promoting Illegal Activity
– Potentially Libellous / Slanderous
– Racist or other prejudice

If you post or thread is removed, please do not take it personally. There are reasons for this action, and we do not consider the fact that we have had to delete one of your posts / threads to be a reflection of your character.

Are you allowed to join the club even tho I haven’t received my car yet?

Anyone can join our club no matter if you haven’t taken delivery of your car yet. Our club is open to anyone with a true passion for the third generation Focus RS that is all the critera you require to meet.

I own a Mark 2 Focus RS but would love to own a Mark 3 one day is it ok to join the club?

Certainly. There are a lot of registered users who currently own the Mark 2 and are wanting to keep a close eye on how owners get on with Ford’s latest RS model to see if it is worth changing. Register now, get involved and we are sure you will learn lots about the car to help your decision.

I know you are based own the UK, can you join the forum from out with the United Kingdom?

Of course, the clubs whole ethos is to bring together owners from all 42 countries Ford are currently selling the RS in. We want to encourage as many different nationalities to join us for us to follow their Focus RS ownership so we can all help and inspire other owners.

When will Ford delivery my RS, I paid a deposit last year?

That we do not know. It is a question we get asked repeatedly but you would be best to check with Ford directly. They have setup a dedicated email address for pre-order information – drop them an email at focusrs1@ford.com and they should hopefully be able to assist. However keep an eye on our news section for delivery updates.

How do I post pictures in the forum?

As long as it’s not any nudity as that isn’t allowed ha! Great you are getting involved on the forum and posting pictures of your car. It is pretty simple to do all you need to do is…

I cannot remember my password, what do I do?

Don’t panic, this happens all the time! Simply go to the login page and click on ‘Forgot my password’ then follow the onscreen instructions. Job done.

I have a business that sells Mark 3 Focus RS tuning parts, can I advertise these to your members?

We are keen to offer Focus RS owners all the up to date product releases and special offers therefore setup a few different advertising packages for businesses. Find out more on our advertise page or drop us an email for more details.

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The Mk3 Focus RS Club is run by genuine enthusiasts with a real pasion for the RS line. We are creating a special community for a very special car. Come be a part of it.