Cobra Exhaust Options

Cobra Sport have come to the end of their first development period with the Mk3 Focus RS so the system options are now finalised. Cobra will be offering both valved and non valved systems. The valved systems have the valve housing welded into the system and make use of the OE motor which is a direct connection. They will also be offering the systems without the valve which will include a plate which will keep the valve connected to the electronics but not be part of the exhaust, therefore allowing you to use all drive modes.

Cobra Exhaust Mk3 Focus RS

Cobra will be offering a full range of systems including cat-back exhaust along with de-cat & sports cat front sections to form a full turbo back replacement. Along with this they have created a Venom exhaust system (with resonated centre) which creates a completely different sound track to the other systems.

Nick from Cobra stated that having tested many of these this week his personal favourite is the de-cat turbo back system with resonator, “it really changes the whole sound of the system and gives the car a really impressive sound”.

In race mode the exhaust pops and bangs with all systems. Nick also said that he is not known a set of systems which have such differing tones and sound levels depending on the configuration fitted.

Cobra Tailpipes

Keen to make the most of the dual exit design Cobra will be offering a choice of bold 4.5″ (114.5mm) highly polished slash cut stainless steel tailpipes along with an option from our recently launched Blackout Ceramic Coated range.


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