Demo Cars Have Started to Arrive

Finally some cars have made it out of the Ford factory in Germany and began to arrive in the UK after months of painful delays. Unfortunately the first few deliveries won’t be customer cars but instead dealer demonstrators. This is still good news for eager RS buyers, as many have up to 12 agonising months to wait until they can take delivery of their latest toy. We are sure however when more demo cars arrive at Ford dealerships there will be an massive influx of buyers looking to get a chance to put the car to the test they are about to shell out £30k on. It is still amazing that over 3000 Focus RS’s have been sold (averaging 16 a day) without even a test drive, it just shows the power and loyalty Ford fans have to the RS line. With there due to be a price increase to £31k as on 1st May you are urged to hurry up and place your order! The good news for those having to wait is that they will receive Ford’s latest SYNC3 on deliveries from September onwards – suppose that one good thing about having to wait another 6 months!

The first demo car arrived today (5th April 2016) in Northern Ireland at Desmond’s Ford Store in Derry and we are sure will create a number of phone calls to arrange some B-road blast, oh we mean test drives.

Being keen to find out when other Focus RS dealerships are due to take delivery we called round several for an update and have been reliably informed by many that the majority of the other RS demo cars will be arriving in the next two weeks so we will continue to keep you up to date with the latest details as we find out.

Here are a few pictures of the Desmond’s Focus RS demo car to whet your appetite or potentially frustrate you even more depending on your location.

Focus RS Test Drive  Focus RS Engine Focus RS Demonstrator Focus RS Democar Alloy Focus RS Demo Car Interior Focus RS Rear Focus RS Demo in Ireland Front Focus RS Desmonds Focus RS Demo

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