Mountune Phase 1 Upgrades released

Mountune have at last released their Phase 1 upgrades for the Mk3 Focus RS which is a mixture of performance and styling parts. At the moment they are still waiting on approval by Ford for the major performance parts so the likes of the exhaust, intercooler and remap will feature on the phase 2 release due in a few weeks.

Mk3 Focus RS Phase 1 Upgrades

Billet Short Arm

Billet Short-Shift Arm – RS

The mountune billet short-shift arm for the mk3 Focus RS replaces the OE shift arm located on the gearbox.

Throw is reduced by 25%, allowing quick and more precise gear changes but thanks to the engineered counterweights a 500g weight saving has been achieved, without sacrificing any shift engagement or feel.


Boost Hoses

Boost Hose Upgrade Kit – RS

The mountune boost hose upgrade kit for mk3 Focus RS features wire-reinforced, nomex lined smooth bore hoses, available in three colours to compliment all Focus RS vehicle colours.

During extensive durability testing, turbo outlet temperatures were recorded in excess of 180º, which is the safe operating limit for OE and polyester-lined silicone hoses. The mountune boost hose kit utilises a nomex lining on both hot-side hoses which operate reliably upto 250º, giving substantially improved resistance to failing when power output is increased beyond standard.

This kit is also compatible with the OE intercooler and systems that use the original intercooler charge pipes.


Mountune Vinyl Sticker

Dynamic Side Splash – RS

High quality dynamic side splash graphics for mk3 Focus RS, consisting of four individual pieces of precision cut 3M automotive-grade vinyl. This product allows the discerning mk3 Focus RS owner to add a touch of “mountune” to their car.

Available in satin black.


Mountune Gearknob

Gearknob – RS

The mountune Mk3 Focus RS gearknob is a ultra high-quality billet aluminium and Acetel resin two-piece design.

Available in the trademark mountune black and yellow, or a more subtle full black finish, the mountune gearknob has been carefully designed to further enhance the driving experience of your car in both aesthetics and ergonomics.

The aluminium base features a hard wearing anodised coating with precision laser etching and is designed as a direct replacement for the factory knob, fully incorporating the reverse gear shift interlock mechanism.

The Acetel resin top, a material chosen for its temperature stable nature, ensures that the usual hot/cold heat transfer associated with replacement gearknobs is not experienced with the mountune upgrade.


  • High quality anodised aluminium base
  • Laser etched mountune logos.
  • Temperature stable Acetel resin top.
  • Available in black/yellow or black/black.
  • Direct replacement for factory part


Induction Hose

High Flow Induction Hose – RS

The mountune high-flow induction hose for the mk3 Focus RS enhances airflow whilst improving the under bonnet appearance.

Our high-flow induction hose features stainless steel wire reinforced sections to prevent deformation under engine load and is available in three colours to co-ordinate the under bonnet of your RS.


  • Increased airflow and power
  • High quality silicone construction
  • Stainless steel wire reinforced
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Hoses available in three colour options: mountune black and light blue, or grey
  • Advised to fit with optional Hose Clip Kit (Induction)

Mountune Air Filter

mountune High Flow Air Filter – RS

The mountune high flow air filter for the Mk3 Focus RS has been designed for maximum air flow and efficiency while maintaining superior filtration and features propriety double-layer cotton gauze with deep pleats that creates a 10-15% increase in filtration surface area compared to other filters on the market.

The oiled filter media is incapsulated in steel mesh that helps to maintain the perfect shape under the most extreme conditions.

Each mountune high flow air filter is manufactured using a four step process resulting in a precision fit and virtually no seepage of rubber frame material into the filter media producing the maximum available filter area.

Additionally, the mountune high flow air filter features a factory style locating outer flange that helps lock the filter in place to ensure correct pressure on the inlet flange.


  • OE-quality fit
  • Increased performance
  • Increased induction noise
  • Pre-oiled
  • Lifetime warranty

Please note: A K&N equivalent filter may also be supplied.


Mountune Carpet Floor Mats

mountune LUX Floor Mats – RS


High-quality fitted mountune LUX floor mats are now available for your mk3 Focus RS.

The extra thick mountune floor mats feature yellow stitching detail and the mountune Performance logo embroided into both driver and passenger mats.

The driver’s side mat includes the standard push down fittings to secure to the OE floor fastener. Please note, the passenger’s side mat does not include floor fittings.


  • Extra thick LUX spec mat
  • Fitted mat set for front and rear (4 mats)
  • mountune Performance badge embroidered on driver and passenger side
  • Yellow detail stitching
  • Simple installation on OE fittings
  • Spare screw-in carpet fittings for driver-side mat also supplied
  • LHD & RHD options available


Mountune Alloy Wheel

OZ Racing Leggera HLT “m-Spec” 8.5×19″ wheel

£379.99 Inc. VAT

Available exclusively to mountune, the matt black OZ Racing Leggera HLT wheel gives the discerning mk3 Focus RS owner the opportunity to upgrade their wheels to one of the lightest, strongest, and best looking on the market.

The mountune Leggera HLT features an ET45 offset, and boasts an additional 0.5″ in width, whilst improving the appearance and facilitating more clearance for big brake kits.

The Leggera is, as the name suggests, seriously light in weight. 9.95kg in fact, which is over 1.7kg lighter than the factory forged option wheel and 2.8kg lighter than the standard RS wheel.


  • 8.5×19″, 5×108
  • ET45 Offset
  • Lightweight – only 9.95kg per wheel!
  • 2.8kg lighter than the OE wheel | 1.7kg lighter than forged OE wheel
  • Hyper Light Technology – super light, super strong.
  • Exclusive high quality matt black colour finish
  • Unique mountune carbon centre cap


Mountune Quaife ATB Differential

Quaife ATB Differential – RS

726.00 Inc. VAT

The Quaife ATB helical LSD differential for mk3 Focus RS fits the MMT6 gearbox and is a direct replacement for the standard Ford open differential.

Unlike a conventional plate-style limited slip differential, the Quaife differential relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation. That means it is much smoother in operation and never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle.

Instead, the Quaife differential automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel, across the axle to a constantly varying degree.

Benefits over a standard open differential:

  • Improves turn-in (helps with drift mode!)
  • Maximise traction
  • Minimise wheel spin
  • A maintenance-free design which retains the standard oil lubrication

Quaife differentials are proven in circuit and drag racing, rallying and road use. All Quaife differentials are produced from Corus steel billets, and are CAD-designed and CNC machined before being inspected to ISO 9001 standards.


Roll Restrictor - RS

Roll Restrictor – RS

£119.00 Inc. VAT

The mountune Mk3 Focus RS roll restrictor reduces the amount of engine roll / movement during hard acceleration and gear changing, plus helps reduce ‘wheel-hop’, particularly when the power output has been increased.

With a product such as this, care must be taken with the design and choice of materials, as a poor design can destroy the feel and driving experience of the car.

With an extensive background working in the OEM market, mountune have the knowledge and engineering expertise to create a product which can reduce the engine movement by the desired amount, but with minimal effect to the NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) level.

The mountune Focus roll restrictor is machined from high quality HE30 aluminium, and features a unique size and shore hardness polyurethane bush.

The bonus of using polyurethane is that not only has it been engineered to give increased stiffness without causing excessive vibrations, it also doesn’t deteriorate like rubber does, so the service life of the component is greatly increased.

Kit features:

  • Engineered and optimised for Focus RS
  • High quality HE30 anodised billet aluminum body
  • Bespoke size and shore hardness polyurethane bushes exclusively manufactured by Powerflex
  • Reduction in engine movement
  • Minimal effect on NVH

To find out more visit the Mountune Store

Phase 2 and 3 will be released soon and as always will keep you up to date on the latest developments.

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