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Attention 2 Detail in Derbyshire were recently invited to provide their New Car Protection package for this stunning Ford Focus RS at the earliest opportunity from leaving the factory. The proud owner requested that they carry out the process 18 months before he even received the car – which, of course, was a real compliment. The dealer was specifically asked not to touch it to so, Attention 2 Detail were able to really work their magic.

To begin the process, Attention 2 Detail used a citrus pre-wash and followed that by a snow foam wash (KKD Blizzard). They then went on to wash the car using the safe “2 bucket method” – for washing the car, we used 100% natural lambs’ wool mitt.

Attention 2 Detail three stage decontamination process then began – this involves a fall out remover, a tar remover and finally, the clay bar.


Once they were satisfied that the car was completely free of contaminants, they dried it using warm air. After drying the car thoroughly, the Attention 2 Detail guys closely inspected it for any surface defects including swirl marks, faint scratches and any possible loose parts. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that the only damage was on the driver’s side door pillar.


Once these were removed, the surfaces were wiped down with panel wipe before applying the protection. 2 coats of Liquid Elements ECO Shield ceramic glass coating were applied on all parts of the body work, excluding the glass.

When Attention 2 Detail had completed protecting the paint work, they then moved on to caring for the glass. All glass was protected with Gtechniq G1 Clearvision Smart Glass, providing the car with up to 2 years’ protection.

Following these different processes, they carried out the final check, looking for dust, smudges and residue. All was clear and so this great vehicle’s New Car Protection treatment was complete.

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This Focus RS has started its life in the best possible way – and is now defect free and fully protected for 2-3 years. The paint on this car was phenomenal – the fleck in the nitrous blue paint just made it ‘pop’. And with the protection it received from Attention 2 Detail, it will look as good as it does now in 2-3 years time.

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