HEL ‘Nitrous Blue Special Edition’ Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

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No-quibble lifetime warranty
Like for like replacements for the standard flexible brake hoses
Improves braking performance


I think we can all agree any upgrade to your Focus RS’s braking performance is worthwhile as it means you can drive faster as you can stop quicker with your increased confidence. The standard flexible hoses that come from the factory are ok for a standard car however when you upgrade your pads/disks and want to extract all the benefits in fitting the better quality parts or you have increased the power you want to know every part of your car is up to scratch well that’s what these HEL Performance stainless steel hoses do the ensure you have better pedal feel, no ‘spongy’ feeling and gives you new levels of precision when you brake.

The design of HEL Performance brakes hoses are exclusive to the Mk3 Focus RS Club with the ‘Nitrous Blue’ colour to compliment the special colour used on the car and brake calipers.

Colour Comparison
This shows the difference in the colour of the normal blue to our exclusive Nitrous Blue


What’s Included

  • Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Exclusive Nitrous Blue colour
  • Natural plain stainless steel banjo bolts (if the fittings require them)
  • Copper crush washers (if the fittings require them)
  • Lifetime warranty keyring fob
  • Installation leaflet
  • Hidden