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Disklok Pack + Faraday Pouch Bundle

Part No: Disklok-Pack-1


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Contains Disklok Pack & Faraday Pouch
The UK’s strongest steering wheel lock
Military approved faraday pouch


This security bundle contains silver Disklok, steering wheel protective cover, storage case plus Mission Darkness faraday pouch.

The Disklok prevents the MK3 Focus RS steering-wheel from being cut when under attack in order to remove the security lock

The faraday pouch secures your car against key cloning where thieves simply copy your wireless fob code then enter your vehicle or while you are sleeping when the crooks simply extend the keys signal from your doorstep.

Having a visual deterent with the Disklok makes your car less appealing to the next car that doesn’t and with the Focus RS Mk3 easy to steal you do need to invest in additional security or your car will be vulnerable.

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