Stage 1 Remap Feedback

It can be daunting to start modifying your brand new Mk3 Focus RS which Ford has spend years and millions of pounds developing, tuning and refining every nut and bolt however many owners feel they wish to personalise the look of their car to make it stand out in the crowd and also many feel they wish to increase the performance of various aspects of the car such as braking, handling and power. We all know and appreciate the Mk3 Focus RS has more potential as a car built in todays market has to comply with so many regulations therefore to get the best out of performance many are looking to remap their cars for a quick and easy way to release some sleeping horses.

Focus RS Stage 1 Remap

There is already a host of various options to increase the Focus RS’s speed including induction kits, exhausts even forged internals if you so desire. Without even thinking about bolting some upgrades on, there maybe an option to gain some performance simply by looking at the mapping. Our memberĀ Gary Sands who is an experienced mapper looks at what can be gained from tweaking Ford’s standard map.

focus rs stage 1 remap

“I have owned my Mk3 Focus RS for 8 weeks now and have never really been that impressed with its out and out performance. I have mapped many makes of cars including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen aswell as other Ford’s. I carried out some research to see what other owners who have remapped their Mk3 RS’s gained in an attempt to see if it would be worth carrying out the work. From my research it was noted that other companies were getting approximately 25bhp and 100nm of torque using the same type of mapping I would use so at that level I thought it wasn’t really worthwhile. However after owning the car for a few more weeks I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the map as I felt the cars power delivery was very flat. When I say flat what I mean a from 1500rpm to the red line it never seemed to pull any harder so felt like a very flat power curve. Before carrying out the remp I fitted a K&N air filter which is the same filter as the Mk2 Focus RS runs to see if this would get more me any more gains. After the map was done I could instantly feel the power coming on a lot harder than before also the torque from 2000rpm all the way up to redline was much more very impressive. I could not believe the difference in power delivery from a 25bhp and 100nm torque gain the car instantly came alive. Please be assured this is not a post to gain work but to inform owners how much a simple remap can totally transform the new Focus RS into something a bit more like it should be.”

Remapped Stage 1 Mk3 Focus RS Accelerating

In the coming weeks Gary will be upgrading his exhaust to see if he can make even more improvements.

Gary has also said if you have any questions regarding mapping feel free to get in touch.


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