Turbosmart BOV & PBV released

The Focus RS 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine creates some serious boost and power – which is great for performance, but it puts added stress on the components within the turbo system. Time for Turbosmart to step up and develop some products to protect the turbo system and optimise performance. Here is a closer look at the two solutions Dual Port and Plumb Back VR08 from their Kompact Shortie range.

Kompact Shortie Dual Port – VR08

Turbosmart Focus RS Dual Port

The Kompact VR08 Diverter Valve for the Focus RS has been developed with the Focus’s high boost pressure in mind, with the goal to improve performance and durability. Plastic OEM bypass valves like those on the RS have a track record of failures – they leak, and they become brittle with age until they eventually crack, causing serious problems. Producing around 23 PSI of boost pressure in standard form, the Focus is already pushing the boundaries of its standard plastic bypass valve – and there’s not much room to turn the boost up before the standard valve will struggle to keep up.

Turbosmart’s Kompact is constructed of billet aluminium, rather than plastic. Its brass piston is both strong and light, and each valve is individually matched with the right piston to ensure the best fit, meaning there’s no need for an O-ring to seal the body against the piston. This gives the Kompact unsurpassed durability and responsiveness, with less maintenance required than aftermarket valves that use piston sealing O-rings.

Part number: TS-0203-1064

Kompact Shortie Plumb Back – VR08

Turbosmart Focus RS Plumb Back

The Kompact for the Focus RS can be had in both Dual Port and Plumb Back versions. The Plumb Back is a fully recirculating diverter valve that offers a similar sound volume to the standard valve, so you can have all the performance of a Turbosmart diverter valve, while flying under the radar. The Dual Port features a split operation between recirculating and venting to atmosphere, providing quiet operation at low boost, and head-turning vent-to-atmosphere sound at high boost – a great complement to the Focus’s rally fighter character. The Kompact for the Focus RS features enlarged ports compared to previous Shorties, giving the RS the flow it needs.

Part number: TS-0203-1264

Turbosmart Focus RS products are available now from AET Motorsport

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