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    Dean Stanton


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    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to get a conversation going about the new Borla exhaust just released and see what everyone thinks about it as well as compare to all the others on the market. I’ve personally owned a few Borla exhausts for a Mustang and F150 and fell in love. I’ve always loved Magna flow as well but want to see what everyone’s thoughts are!



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    Hi Dean,

    I love the Borla exhaust, not available over here in the UK, so would have to import it from the USA, I think it sounds exotic, it burbles and sounds mature, like its from a larger engine, the rest sound more metallic, it’s certainly the nicest sounding of all options I’ve heard, have you heard it in the flesh? And do the smaller tail pipes look good in the flesh, I’m sure they have done it for sound reasons over looks.

    hope your still active on the forum


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    Hi Dean

    I did not hear a Borla so far, not sure if avaiable in Switzerland. I have just a comparison of RS with STOCK exhaust and then to my FRS.

    I drove the Milltek resonated version and was happy with that! Then Kenny was able to organize me a replacement pipe only which is from Milltek. At the moment I drive non-resonated and it is just awesome! So loud bangs and the sound of the turbo spool is just giving an instant boner *lol*….


    When we did the comparison Milltek resonated to Stock Exhaust it was a lot deeper and more angry than Stock exhaust. Also the bangs were deep and loud and no second noise in the bang like stock. In my opinion with Stock exhaust there is a second noise in the bangs, like the bangs going into an cola can or something. This is not with my Milltek. But I am pretty sure Borla and all others make good exhaust. For me it was Milltek because they offered the system here in Switzerland with all paperwork for street legal use. But only with resonated version it is street legal here. At the moment I am an illegal driver 😀

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    Hi Dean.

    Did you get a borla exhaust?


    Steve McNamara


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    What was the HP increase with the Borla

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