Early start, clear roads.

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    Simon Evans

    United Kingdom

    Posts: 16

    Well the 6am start from Cardiff was worth it for a couple of clear runs of Black Mountain road. Doubt I’ll be so lucky by the time I get to the B4520.


    Simon Evans

    United Kingdom

    Posts: 16


    Decent weather early on & continuously amazed by the grip from RS on slightly damp roads, makes a mere mortal feel like a hero. ?


    Weather was slightly worse over Storey Arms. May do the same route tomorrow.



    UK - England

    Posts: 8090

    Nice , but you need some Daddies sauce/ brown sauce /fruity sauce or Hp on that scrambled egg !!  and have you seen our long lost forum member ” HOWSEY” on your travels in Wales??? hes got a white one.  ( car that is )

    No nothing.

    No Mods. No rockers. Just a chunky knob, thats now been replaced by an RS knob innit.

    No tackiness.

    Std as Ford intended, but with a space saver wheel and jack and nuts and wheel brace. oh.. and flaps, a man has got to have flaps.





    UK - Scotland

    Posts: 3869

    Epic love early morning drives like that! Can’t wait to get mine for days like that.

    Car performing well Simon?



    UK - Wales

    Posts: 52

    I have just done a very similar route. Abergavenny to Merthyr to Storey Arms detour down to Hirwaun then back up to Brecon, B4520 to Builth ,back to Brecon on the A470 and then Abergavenny on the A40.  Roads very quiet at 6:30 in the morning makes it so much more enjoyable. Certainly worth getting up early for

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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