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    Any Opinions or experience on Cobb / Litchfield map v custom please? I’m running stage 1 with stage 2 hardware, custom map would involve a fair old travel for me so I’m curious as to how much better a custom would be over what I have now? TIA



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    I’ve had a Cobb / Litchfield Stage2 custom map 417bhp car pulled and drove great.

    My car was held back, as the engine was still abit tight 1300 miles on new bearings, rods and pistons.

    They did suggest their was more left in the car for a Stg2 custom map

    I traveled from Manchester, it was worth the drive.

    I still have my Cobb device but not sure which map is on it. Could be either the custom Litchfield or the FPM375, I also have the factory ECU again it’s either Litchfield or FPM375

    RS Edition.

    FPM375 Rocks

    The rest of the “M” maps suck



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    Consider MSD    Cobb handset based, two datalogs included from which MSD make adjustments to the map.  Good compromise in lieu of a full custom map.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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