Exhaust Valve Flap Issue

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    hi got a 2016 focus rs with mountune v3 exhaust

    been having a issue with it lately with the exhaust flap not opening, even when i start the car up it does not seem to open, ive bought 1 of the exhaust delete plugs but the valve just is not opening at all. any ideas?



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    Evening mate!! 👍.

    The Valve Delete Plug is not designed to OPEN the Flap!!

    Sounds like your Flap is jammed shut!! It’s just corrosion mate!! Mine used to do this a lot!!

    The “Valve Delete Plug” stops any error codes appearing which allows you to still select various Drive Modes!! But you have to remove the Motor (3 x 8mm Bolts I think)  and manually open the Flap then refit the Motor and plug in the Delete Plug!!

    You can either dismantle the Motor in situ or just remove the left hand tail pipe… which is probably easier mate….

    This means your Flap will be constantly open, no biggy but some people don’t like this due to the noise on a Cold Start Up!!

    I think it’s perfectly fine mate!! 👍.

    Also…. Ford do a re-programming thing that gets rid of any “Drive Mode Select” issues but doesn’t cure the STICKING FLAP issue which in my mind defeats the FUCKEN purpose!! 🤣🤣.

    There must be 100’s of RS’s driving around with the Exhaust Flap jammed shut!! 🤣😭 but because the Software has been changed the car thinks everything is fine… 🤣🤣.

    Hope that helps mate..!! 👍.

    Cheers, Marc.

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    this is the delete valve i bought, yer the flap doesnt seem to open at all. ive tried starting it up and left ir running and tried on all modes etc nothing?. 2nd valve tailpipe ive had for this exhaust as the other fucked up aswel (mountuen replaced). cant mountune make a valveless tip lol as there crap



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    My advise would be to spray some wd40 or similar down the left hand tail pipe periodically to make sure the flap doesn’t stick.

    As brembo said about the software update. I had this carried believing it fixed the problem. Oh no it just covers it up, what was the point in that 😂

    Subsequently my old motor burnt out so when I got my scorpion and j9 controller I needed a new motor aswell 🙈



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    When you install the valve delete plug the flap must be open otherwise it will be permanently shut. As above a good soak in wd 40 and watch Adam Rainey install video on YouTube. Noise is not excessive at all

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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