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    P T

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    What will our cars be worth in ten years time?
    Do you reckon this current old model for sale is indicative ?



    UK - England

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    Quite probably, might go up a little sooner as ordering anything with a manual gearbox is getting difficult even now.




    United Kingdom

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    I think values will probably go down a fair amount in the next few years.

    Labour will get in next year and they will really hang the motorists with higher fuel costs, no doubt extra tax on insurance and a lot more city/town taxes. If you look at Sadiq Khan’s London, the rest of the country will adopt the same bullshit under a Labour government.

    I also expect the RS’s wont be allowed in urban areas before long due to noise etc.

    Sorry to piss on your chips everyone. The only consolation from me is that I do think, long term, the Mk3 will be a winner at the auctions. It will be known as “The last of the AWD, Manual super hatches” and will be sought after.



    UK - England

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    At the moment our cars sell easiest when bog standard.
    But ten years time they’ll need a lot of bling to get good money.



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    I have mixed feelings about the future of this motor….mine has just been confirmed as having a failed head gasket, with the original being fitted wrong from factory, 1st recall then a second recall, this has now failed….a 7yr old motor, 13200m, full Ford maintenance and service history, if any Ford specialist magazine, newspaper motor section and local press hear about it it could be disastrous for the car and company.

    NB 375, Goodrich hoses, RDU cooler (fitted for the hell of it), gas bonnet struts, Mountune RR, hard pipe kit, V1 cat-back….and RS seat covers!



    UK - England

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    It’s a generational and nostalgia thing… my 19yr old son loves the mk 2 (agree best hot hatch ever) but my 14yr old son loves mk3….

    the issue that might alter the future resale cost is the mk3 had a shit Mazda replica engine and it has failed time and time again, some of the old dinosaurs on here won’t accept that a standard engine can go boom and cost £10k to fix… Reality check, ring FJRS and Pumabuild or Collins and see how many standard engines have gone pop!

    As careful low mileage owners are finding out they wish they had got their engine forged!

    I love the car but Mk2 pisses all over it… right let’s watch Tyson get a beaten, I bet Mike is shaking hands with the governor of love over  Diane Abbott pics that he loves to share… dirty boy Michael 🤣

    Eibach Pumaspeed springs UK  – Mountune full Induction – delete valve plug – carbon knob – JCR seat lowering kit set @ 39mm – black nuts! Engine forged by FJRS – TCR front splitter V2 and side skirts – RS rallyflapz – Car serviced/maintained by GS Motorsport

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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