I need an RS for my disabled child

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    Hi everyone, please can you help or give guidance. I am gliderRS I have been a Fordy for many years and currently own a Fiest ST3 (love it)  Last September I put a deposit down for a Focus RS.  The main reason for this is that my boy has become disabled and I desperately need 5 doors.  We are really struggling without.  My RS was suppose to be in production this month but I was told today that it would be September and possible delivery in November? I paid the deposit last September and had accepted a year but things are much worse with his condition now and am desperate for a 5 door car, I will have to cancel soon if I cant get it in September?  I even chose the basic colour to make the delivery quicker.  What do you advise that I can do, can even switch spec if needs be (colour only) to get an earlier car.


    Please advise, many thanks.



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    Hi Paul, I would ring round all the Ford Stores that sell RS’s and ask if they have any cancellations due in soon, I would bet you could get one within a month if you were not too fussy on colour or spec, but most seem to be Blue or grey. Start ringing round the nearest dealers to you and then widen your search area. Good Luck !

    No nothing.

    No Mods. No rockers. Just a chunky knob, thats now been replaced by an RS knob innit.

    No tackiness.

    Std as Ford intended, but with a space saver wheel and jack and nuts and wheel brace. oh.. and flaps, a man has got to have flaps.





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    Hi Mike,


    Thank you for that, good idea.  I thought the deposit was lodged with the specific dealer but I guess I can cancel and get the money back.  I will call all the dealers within reach and revert back the result!


    Thanks again


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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