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    Collected my RS on Wednesday the 29th of March. So far I’ve done 900 miles and enjoyed every single one of them.

    I’m coming from a Fiesta ST which I’d modified quite extensively, I’ll post some pictures of it. I spent a lot of time and money on the Fez but an RS has always been one of my dream cars and I couldn’t resist anymore.

    I’ve already bought some bits:
    Ghost alarm and tracker
    TRC front splitter and side skirts
    TRC rear diffuser complete kit
    Black Rallyflapz kaylan mud flaps
    Black shark fin aerial
    Black mister jets
    Black bonnet vents</p>
    Black door handle trims etc
    DMB graphic gel inlays
    Nitrous blue and black gas bonnet struts
    Carbon fibre wing mirror caps
    Carbon fibre centre console
    Carbon fibre engine bay cover

    SS Tuning carbon gear stick
    Mountune PTU brace
    Mountune short shifter
    Mountune roll restrictor

    Light bulb upgrades

    Black car mats with NB stitching

    Shell seat Recaro side plates


    Few pictures of my old ST:




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    Now the engine is pretty much “run in” I’m starting to open the revs up a little more, loving every second of the car. Even though I’ve only owned it for a few days I think I’ve driven it enough to get a decent feel for it, so I’ll leave my thoughts below:


    Interior – The shell seats are exceptionally comfy and really finish the look of the car off perfectly. They’re my favourite extra by a country mile. I’m 6 foot tall and don’t have any problems with the seating position, although mine is a later build so they’re 15mm lower from factory anyway. I like the blue stitching Ford have used and the steering wheel is very ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing.


    Sync 3 – So far I’m very pleased with the system. It’s quick, clean and simple and the Apple sync is very slick. My only complaint is you can’t use Apple sync and use the Ford navigation at the same time, at least as far as I’m aware. I don’t like google maps, it’s very slow on my phone. The Ford satnav is good and it’s very easy to input waypoints and reorder them. Overall the entire system is very user friendly and a massive upgrade to whatever I had in my Fiesta ST-3.


    Exterior – I still prefer the extrior looks of the MK2 RS, however the MK3 is growing on me more and more. I’ve had a lot of compliments from people so it’s clearly eye catching still. The NB paint looks incredible, especially in the sunlight. I can’t wait to see how it looks after it’s been detailed next week. Veil Tuning also activated the “one touch” locking on my car, so I can now just touch the exterior door handle and it locks the car and puts the windows up etc . The lights are very good and the cornering lights are helpful.


    Handling – Car handles like it’s on rails, regardless of what drive mode you’re in. It can be very refined when you want it to be or brutally accurate with very little body roll. I’ve got some H&R springs waiting to be fitted, car sits a little to high for my liking at the moment.


    Exhaust and Engine – As I’ve already mentioned I haven’t finished running the car in yet so haven’t used the full rev range. However I think the standard exhaust sounds great, I get lots of pops and bangs. I’m using race mode with the suspension set back to normal. Considering the engine is only a 4 cylinder it still sounds good and it’s very responsive. Doesn’t matter what gear you’re in the car just wants to go. It’s quite intoxicating .


    So in summary; This is by far the best car I’ve ever owned and look forward to many years driving it.


    The weather has been pretty good over the last couple of days, so I’ve spent a lot of it driving round the peak district. Got a few pictures, also got a couple of the dash cams, gone for Blackvue DR650S 2CH. The cams are cloud enabled, the front records in 1920×1080 HD @ 30FPS and the rear records at 1280X720 @ 30FPS. The footage it records is crystal clear and the parking mode is a great feature. Also think they look very smart which was important to me, didn’t want owt that looked cheap or tacky.




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    Did my first road trip on Thursday seeing as the weather was nice, stopped at Spurn point to take some pictures. Replaced my mats with some “premium” ones I bought, they look great with the NB stitching. Also added some carbon inlays to some of the dash, however going to get the whole thing dipped at some point. Fitted my seat side bases too.

    Route I followed:

    Couple pics of the car at Spurn point:

    Premium mats from the group buy on here:

    Seat bases from ebay:

    Dash carbon inlays from group buy on here:

    And finally a few pictures of the car after a clean down:





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    Great read. Make sure and keep it updated think this is going to be a good build!



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    Great write up. Glad to see you got the fastest colour?. Looking forward to updates as you get all the good stuff put on.

    66 Nitrous Blue, Sync 3, lux pack, CS seats, black forged alloys, blue Brembo calipers. FPM 375 upgrade. And a dirty big grin..?

    18 Red edition garage queen.



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    Cheers Kenny and Mark, appreciated. 🙂

    Picked up my car from Autoshine Specialist Valeting today, shop is owned and run by Tony Spears. They’ve worked on some insane cars, had an imported Corvette there when I dropped the car off. Tony and Ben have done an excellent job on the car, the paintwork looks phenomenal now :). Here’s his facebook and website in case anyone is interested:
    All photos with the autoshine logo were very kindly taken by Ben Bradshaw, so credit goes to him.

    4 Dot plates arrived today too, fitted them after getting the car back home. I’m pleased with how they look, decided to go for a very thin offset pin stripe in nitrous blue. Gives it a nice pop when you’re up close but still remains neat and understated at a distance. Also fitted my DMB gel inlays (need to order some again though, not pleased with my positioning of them).



    And finally the first minor critism I’ve got of the RS. Whilst detailing the car Tony spotted that the rear drive shafts have rusted, Ford have obviously decided to not treat them with anything. Doesn’t really affect the car but for £35,000 I expect better, only done 900 miles.



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    And that’s how you blog. ??

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