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    Mishimoto have been busy working on their upgraded Focus RS intercooler system. Here are a few development images

    • Bar-and-plate design
    • 36% bigger internal core
    • 214% external fin surface area
    • 6mm inlet and outlet diameter increase

    Core Size Dimensions
    Stock: 195mm High > 615mm Wide > 82.5mm Deep
    Mishimoto: 210.5mm High > 650mm Wide > 130mm Deep




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    Spoke to the guys at ford fair..mishimoto intercooler..

    thay will give 20% off  all mk3 focus rs owner .

    i.ve ordered one

    ask for Shaun at oc ord sports..Tipton ..West Midlands .



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    Do you mean coordsport
    I was looking at the intercooler kit,  but seems to of gone back to normal price now?




    UK - England

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    Yes sorry ….co ord sports .Tipton

    ask to speak to Shaun. I spoke to him the same week after fordfair

    He said he would give 20% off .if you was in the our club focus rs mk3,

    as I said I.ll mention them on the our forum , which I have ,

    push him he.ll give you a discount.







Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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