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    Does anyone have any experience with multi car insurance policies? In other words you have one policy that covers the Rs for occasional weekend use and covers another vehicle as a daily? If so how who are you using and what approximately are you paying?

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    Have used, they start off being cheaper,  but after a year or so It’s hard to tell it it still is.

    I use A-Plan Thatcham (now Howden)   Where each car is separate (3), but because they are underwritten by the same company they give me more discount and a better price.  I have some modified and some with business use.

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    I have admiral multi car, RS insured for 4000m@yr personal / pleasure & 2014 fiesta 24,000m@yr business use.

    Was cheaper for a couple of yrs, on this yrs renewal went up considerably (as all policys have), got individual policys qoutes for around £95 less, rang up admiral and surprise surprise they reqouted within a few pounds, kept the multicar for the sake of a couple of pounds and hassle of providing proof of this and that.

    Every yr at renewal time I always go out to the market for best prices – individual policy/ multicar.

    It’s an individual thing, just cos one insurance company is the best deal for one, dosnt mean it’s the best for another, need to go onto the comparison sites / insurance sites and tap in u details to find best for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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