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    Hi Fellow Owners…new to the forum and new to the RS..having the time of my life..daily commute of 40 miles each stomped on it to pass slow-moving car in the “fast lane” after poking along for 5 miles at 64 miles an hour..zoomed around the slow poke and suddenly I’m hitting a 100 mph..wheeeeeeeeeee..



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    Welcome Lvlywords, sounds as if you are having lots of fun, I bet you have got a big grin too.


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    Heheh. Young at heart and a bit dotty, you’ll fit in nicely around here. ??


    Harry Malapetsas


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    Your are not old if you bought an RS.



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    @ Lvlywords  all us UK lads love to see pictures of the RS on foreign soil so have you got any pictures? ideally the fast lady herself and the fast car !!

    @ Harry Malapetsas, yes you are right all us Rs owners are young at heart, its just that ” Howsey’s” an old FART !!

    No nothing.

    No Mods. No rockers. Just a chunky knob, thats now been replaced by an RS knob innit.

    No tackiness.

    Std as Ford intended, but with a space saver wheel and jack and nuts and wheel brace. oh.. and flaps, a man has got to have flaps.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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