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    Anyone had any problems while having it installed?

    After having mine installed last Friday my RS would start but not run and had various warning lights on and outside temp showing minus 40.

    Installer was told by Autowatch to install a patch, done that and it made no difference.

    Was then told to fit a new ghost… no difference

    Then told to fit another Ghost with a different serial number incase it was a bad batch… no difference.

    Faults won’t clear from vehicle, it’s now in at the local Ford dealer who have checked it out and they believe that’s it’s corrupted the pcm and it needs a new one

    Engineer from Ford technical is coming to check it out on Monday/Tuesday to decide if it’ll get out through as a warranty claim or if it has to be paid for.

    Installer says if it’s the latter he’ll pay for it then claim the money back from Autowatch.




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    My ghost was fitted 4 months ago by Chris Preston through the group buy on the forum & had no problems what so ever . Might be worth getting in touch with him as he knows more about the ghost system that auto watch in my opinion . Good luck hope it’s sorted soon


    Chris Preston

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    Very hard to say with out looking at your vehicle, ¬†ghost can’t corrupt anything though I can tell you that much.



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    Who installed it John?



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    Ford engineer spent seven hours on the car on Friday trying to diagnose the fault.
    Hasn’t got to the bottom of it but he’s certain it’s a faulty ECU.
    Engineer was told and shown what’s involved with the ghost install and he’s certain the fault has nothing to do it.
    Ford have vor’d a new ECU so should have it back next week.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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