Revo stage 2 valve issue

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    Hi All,

    Recently had a revo stage 2 performance pack installed. Initially all good but since yesterday i don’t get the “beep” from the sensor upon opening the door etc. I then felt like the fuel was being forced while i was driving and a big lag like the fuel is literally only coming out of one tailpipe.

    I have checked the valve which seems stuck open and the wire is pushed into the sensor. Waiting on the guys that installed it to get back to me but not sure if anyone had any similar issues that’s all.

    17plate Revo Stage 2 performance pack



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    Not sure revo performance pack would interfere with the value tbh, sounds like your  valve stuck, std exhaust?



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    Give it a squirt of WD40 and the like while you wait for an answer, many members regularly do this!

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    Sounds like you have two issues the sticking valve  being one and the revo remap being another?

    The exhaust valve would not effect the door sensor and you might feel slight restriction if you giving it the beans but even that’s unlikely.

    I would get on to the revo installer i am sure it can be rectified.

    As for the exhaust do as these lads recommend wd40 it or as i recommend  use the delete and leave open 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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