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    Steve Kozian

    UK - England

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m thinking of changing out the mountune induction for something a bit more “Lairy”.

    Currently you can’t really hear any intake noise from the mountune kit even with the valves closed. I also find it a bit dull under the bonnet.


    I’ve seen that Airtec do a “stage 3 induction kit”. Does anyone have any experience of them?

    I know all the ins and out of induction kits/intakes. I’m just after recommendations to increase under bonnet noise and looks.




    UK - England

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    Personally I went the other way as the noise did my head in form this one, reminded me of someone trying to clear their throat on lower revs 🤣

    What about this?

    Eibach Pumaspeed springs UK  – Mountune full Induction – delete valve plug – carbon knob – JCR seat lowering kit set @ 39mm – black nuts! Engine forged by FJRS – TCR front splitter V2 and side skirts – RS rallyflapz – Car serviced/maintained by GS Motorsport



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    I’ve got the stage 3 airtec fitted and I love it. I will admit clearance for the cross over pipe was a nightmare but the look and sound of it is something else. As mentioned above, the noise isn’t for everyone but when on boost it sounds unreal. I still can’t believe at times, how you can hear the induction noise above the scorpion cat back 😧.



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    Mounting intake about the best tbh

    will support any power you want

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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