Welcome, fellow Focus RS enthusiasts. MK3 lovers, this is your Mecca.

You’ve arrived at the destination for all things Ford Focus RS related… and like the car it’s going to be immense.

Who are we?

So you’ve likely guessed that we’re a car club that is completely committed to everything to do with the Ford Focus RS. Yet we’re not just any car club. We won’t bore you with the things that you already know (and as a switched on Ford owner, you likely already know quite a bit).

We present news that is hot off the press, views that you won’t hear anywhere else and write content that cuts to the chase.

Focus RS Driving

What are we planning?

The team here are always busy cooking up plans to become the online masters of the Focus RS fan world.


No, seriously though, we’re pretty big fans of the RS Focus, and we aim to be the go-to online resource for everything from specs that run down right to the smallest nut or bolt, and that goes on to include general member chat and input.

The future for us is going to be defined by our growing base of Focus enthusiasts – people like you from all over the world who are equally as passionate about the world’s beefiest, slickest and one of the most innovative hatches to ever hit the automotive market.

The Focus RS 2016: the most anticipated hatch yet

Focus RS Love

The Focus RS of 2016 has shook up the hatchback industry and re-defined the standards that were so highly set after the Focus MK2. With 345 break horse to its name, class-first four wheel drive and a top speed of 165mph it’s little wonder that the MK3 has become one of the world’s most pre-ordered cars yet (with a third of orders that were placed even before the specs and prices were confirmed!).

Come on in, take a look around

Our members are avid fans of the Focus RS, and if they were a train anorak they’d sell their home and pitch up a tent in London Waterloo Station.

This club is for them, and you, and came about as we wanted to seek out like-minded Ford fans where fervent rants can be had and debates can be held. Share your passions, thoughts and comments on the latest news; chat about the changes through the ages for the hottest hatch of all time or simply have a read of our must visit blog.

Focus RS Blog

What are you thinking?

We’re on a continual mission to improve our members’ experience, so if you’ve got an idea on how this Focus RS font of information and platform for geeking out upon the MK3 could become even better, then let us know!

Or, if you simply fancy a debate about whether or not there will indeed be a hardcore version of the RS 2016 just around the track corner – then we’ll happily waffle away for hours on end.

Focus RS Enthusiasts
The Mk3 Focus RS on display at John Grose Ford, Ipswich

Welcome to our car club: Passionate about performance, committed to bringing you the latest news and views about the Focus RS before anyone else.


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The Mk3 Focus RS Club is run by genuine enthusiasts with a real pasion for the RS line. We are creating a special community for a very special car. Come be a part of it.