Michelin PA4 winter tyres

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    AWD is all well and good, but there if an important different between traction and grip.

    The use of winters depends on where you live. They don’t grit the roads where I live, and going down small B-roads with sticky summer rubber isn’t a great option. Mrs G and I have used winter tyres on our daily drivers for the last 10 years – it does make a difference. A light dusting of snow and you can happily drive up a hill in a Fiesta ST without any drama whatsoever, yet see various 4x4s sat spinning wheels.

    In the days when I worked in the motor industry I spent a lot of time in Sweden where they say “winter tyres first, 4WD second”

    You pays your money, you takes your choice.

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Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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