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    UK - England

    Posts: 7

    1992 Rover metro

    1995 Renault Clio 1.8 16v (white)

    1993 Mk4 Toyota Supra (black)

    1997 R33 Skyline GTR (midnight purple)

    2002 Honda S2000 (grey)

    1995 MK4 Toyota Supra (Silver)

    2001 EP3 Honda Civic Type R (silver)

    1993 Toyota MR2

    2004 Nissan 350z (grey)

    2016 Ford Focus RS (white)

    As you can see I have liked my Jap cars but this is my first Ford and loving it!




    UK - England

    Posts: 211

    Some really interesting car histories here!

    2000 Ford Focus 2.0

    2008 Ford Focus ST-3

    2009 Ford Focus RS MK2

    2014 BMW M4

    2017 Ford Focus RS MK3

    Looks like I’m a Ford Focus super fan. 🙂


    Fowlers Focus

    UK - England

    Posts: 46

    Loving reading these car history lists and how diverse RS owners are. Some have come from proper sports cars and others haven’t even owned a hot hatch before the RS.

    BTW@Al Kirk your first new car was a MK 2 Astra GTE 16v,

    Lucky you I had one of these for years and have to say it’s still one of my all time favourite cars but I reckon if I drove one today it would likely feel terrible



    UK - England

    Posts: 77

    Nissan Almera Sport

    Toyota Celica 190

    Nissan 350z

    Ford Mondeo STTDCI

    Seat Leon Cupra

    Ford Focus RS Mk2

    Another Ford Mondeo STTDCI

    Ford Focus ST Mountune

    Focus RS



    UK - England

    Posts: 86

    Mine are in order



    16 pug 205

    19 pug 205

    Impreza turbo

    Impreza p1




    Focus st

    Focus rs

    Shitty spell when kids came lol




    UK - England

    Posts: 216

    Escort 1.6 Ghia

    Mk2 Golf Gti 16v

    Escort XR3i

    Escort RS Turbo

    Nova GSi (x3)

    Astra GTE16v (x3)

    Cavalier GSi (x4)

    Mk3 Astra GSi (x6)

    mk4 Astra SRi Turbo 190 (x2)

    mk4 Astra GSi (x2)

    Subaru Impreza turbo2000

    Zafira Gsi (x2)

    Golf mk4 GTi Anniversary

    Honda Civic type r ep3

    seat Leon Cupar r (x4)

    Seat Leon Cupar K1

    mk3 Focus RS white 2016

    Fiesta St180

    mk3 Focus RS Edition (blue) 2018

    I’ve actually had well over 120 cars in my 22 years driving but have missed loads out. I’d even kept all the green slips up until about 90 cars or so.

    I’ve also had a collection of Bikes too over the years and now have a 2017 CBR600RR I use for work

    2018 RS Edition



    UK - England

    Posts: 350

    My list

    ford Capri 2000 gt

    ford Capri 1600 gt

    ford Capri 2000 ghia



    vauhall Astra 1300 estate


    audi a6

    audi a4 s line

    audi q5 s line

    ford fiesta st150 retuned to 170 bhp with lots of added goodies

    srill got for track days and sprints

    ford focus rs breathed on lol




    UK - England

    Posts: 216

    Like the added touches of marriage & divorce thrown in there

    2018 RS Edition



    UK - England

    Posts: 10021

    Yes nice touch that ha ha ha

    Honorary Member



    UK - England

    Posts: 27

    Mine are:

    998 mini first car

    Vauxhall nova GTE

    Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9

    Renault 5 GT Turbo

    Volkswagen Corrado G60

    Volkswagen MK1 GTI

    Nissan S13

    Nissan GTI-R

    Subaru WRX

    Ford Mondeo estate

    Mitsubishi Evo X

    Audi Q7

    Ford Focus RS Edition

    Next ????





    Fowlers Focus

    UK - England

    Posts: 46

    @B1RDY  are you a car dealer or as soon as you buy your cars are you then looking for the next one? Maybe it’s an addiction. I have an older brother  who changes his cars about ever 3 months and I’ve lost count of how many he’s owned but last time I saw him one of his cars was also a brand new Focus RS in blue but knowing him he might have already sold it as it’ll have over 100 miles on by now! I tend to keep my cars between 3 and 5 years these days.

    There’s been mention of bikes lists and wife’s cars also so thought I’d add these to my list. I’ve had a hand in getting all my partners cars for her as used to work in a garage so know a bit and we met before she passed her test. her list is quite different to mine and unlike me she’s owned several new cars and I’ve not owned one but I have had many new bikes

    Girlfriend Sam’s cars

    Mk 2 1.1 fiesta
    New Pug 206
    New Mini Cooper Red(wrote off)
    Mk3 1,1 Fiesta
    New Mini Cooper White
    BMW 1 Series Coupe M sport Diesel
    Range Rover Evoque

    My Bike list for anyone also in motorbikes(don’t worry you don’t have to list your bikes too I just seem to like making lists)

    Kawazaki AR50
    Yamaha RD125  MK2
    Suzuki RG125
    Yamaha TZR125  (x2)
    Yamaha TZR250 2MA (x4)
    Yamaha FZR600
    Suzuki GSXR600 SRAD
    Suzuki GSXR600K1
    Honda CRM250
    Suzuki GSXR600 K5 Anniversary
    Yamaha R1
    Honda Repsol Fireblade(still own this)
    KTM 390 Duke(still own this)


    Fowlers Focus

    UK - England

    Posts: 46

    @Jamil Surely your next car has to be the newer Nissan GT-R?



    UK - England

    Posts: 4566

    • Mk1 Escort 1300GT Yellow
    • Firenza Sport SL 2300 Metallic Burgundy
    • Mk5 Cortina Ghia 2.0 Red
    • Mk1 Escort 1600GT Sunburst Red
    • Mk2 Escort 1600 Sport Black
    • Fiat 131 Supermirafiori Sport 2.0 Black
    • Mk2 XR2 1.6 Black
    • Lotus Europa 1558cc TC
    • Mk5 Cortina Estate 1.6 White
    • Mk2 Escort Mexico 1.6 Signal Amber (only one I miss)
    • Mk4 Escort RS Turbo 1600 Mercury Grey
    • Mk3 Escort RS Turbo 1600 White
    • Mk5 Escort 1800 TD Blue
    • Mk6 Escort 1800 gti Grey
    • Mk5 Escort Rs2000 Blue
    • Mk3 Fiesta RS Turbo 1600 White
    • Mk2 Escort RS2000 White
    • Mk1 Focus Estate Zetec 1.8 Green
    • Mk1 Focus RS 2.0 Blue
    • Mk2 Focus ST3 2.5 Orange
    • Mk2 Focus RS lux 2.5 White
    • Mk2 Focus Titanium Estate 2.0 Blue
    • Ford S-Max Titanium 2.0 Silver
    • Audi A4 2.0 S-Line 180 Silver
    • Mk3 Focus RS 2.3 Magnetic Grey
    • Mk3 Focus RS 2.3 Red
    • Audi A4 2.0 S-Line 150 Grey

    Most of the time it was two cars at a time, mine and the families ?


    RS Edition.

    FPM375 Rocks

    The rest of the “M” maps suck



    UK - England

    Posts: 216

    I think I just get bored, and quickly. My wife should be lucky that I change my car ms so often, otherwise I’d have traded her for a younger model years ago!

    2018 RS Edition



    UK - Wales

    Posts: 87

    Jesus! I want a meet with Welshboy! Bring an Aston. My history is a couple of Audi’s and a lot of Renault sports.

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