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When the mark 1 Ford Focus RS was launched, you could have any colour you wanted… as long as it was Imperial Blue.

The second generation Focus RS offered a little more in the way of colour options, with buyers being able to choose between Frozen White, Performance Blue and Ultimate Green. When the limited edition Focus RS500 came along, however, Ford went back to their Model T roots by offering it only in black, albeit a high-tech matt black foil over metallic black paint finish.

With the Focus RS having reached its third generation, Ford has pushed out the proverbial boat by offering purchasers a choice of five different colours. Of these five colours, three can be specified on lesser models in the Focus range, but only one has been carried over from the second generation RS.

The Colours

Of the five colours that a Focus RS can be specified in, four are cost options. Choose any one of them and the RS’s on-the-road price increases to over £30,000.00

Focus RS Stealth Grey

The exception to that is Stealth Grey, the first of the two colours that are unique to the RS. As the only no-cost option, it’s perhaps unsurprising to find that this is a cheaper, solid paint finish. It won’t sparkle as much in the sun as a metallic finish, but should be cheaper to have damaged areas resprayed than would be the case for a metallic finish.

Focus RS Frozen White

The only other solid paint finish available on the RS is Frozen White, a £250 option. This is the only colour carried over from the second generation Focus RS.

Focus RS Shadow Black

The option to specify the RS in Shadow Black, a pearlescent finish that is a £525 cost option, marks the first time that the standard RS (as distinct from the limited edition RS500) has been available in black.

Focus RS Magnetic Grey

The Focus RS is available in two different shades of grey, Magnetic being the second of them. Unlike Stealth Grey, this is a metallic finish so will appear brighter in sunlight. Like Shadow Black, this is a £525 option.

Focus RS Nitrous Blue

Both previous generation of Focus RS have been available in blue, so it shouldn’t come as a great surprise to learn that the final launch colour is Nitrous Blue. This is a four-stage paint lighter in shade than both Imperial Blue and Performance Blue, this is the most expensive paint option currently available on the third generation RS, adding £745 to the purchase price.

Other Options

The relative lack of colour options and, in particular, the lack of an exceptionally vibrant colour in the fashion of Ultimate Green may cause some Focus RS purchasers to consider wrapping as a means of adding further individuality to their cars.

Focus RS Ultimate Green
What a 2016 Focus RS could look like with an Ultimate Green wrap


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