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The Ford Focus RS MK3 introduces a performance shift light on the model’s instrument cluster, designed to assist the driver so they can enjoy an enhanced experience. A range of advanced systems and features work together to make sure the transmission and engine provide full acceleration at every gear, whilst allowing drivers to see the optimum upshift.

How it Works

The RS uses performance shift light to achieve the best possible amount of acceleration as drivers shift through the gears. The feature lets the driver know just before revs are almost at their optimal shift point through each gear (5,900rpm), and the system flashes and creates an alert if the driver hits the vehicle’s rev limit of 6,800rpm. Whilst all this is happening, an electric twin-clutch calculates the right amount of power to distribute to each of the four wheels for all-out stability and to drive the car forward at the RS’s fastest possible speed.

The inclusion of performance shift light on the RS model is inspired by the track, and variations of the system have been used on the track for several years, assisting the driver with sending optimal power to the engine and aiming for a faster lap time.

Focus RS Shift Light

The driver should select the launch control feature from the cluster menu, engage first gear, apply full throttle and then release the clutch for the perfect start-line take off. The performance shift light will then engage and guide the drivers easily through the gears.

Why Performance Shift Light is Important

Most drivers enjoy controlling their vehicle, but need help knowing exactly when it’s the best time to change gears to get maximum speed and performance out of their car, especially when using speed-enhancing features such as launch control and dynamic torque vectoring. Both of these features make sure that power is transferred to the road in an instant and change gear at the optimal time.

Are the Settings Adjustable?

Although the performance light settings on the Ford Focus RS MK3 are not adjustable, it doesn’t mean to say that Ford won’t include them in the future. They already come as standard on the Ford Mustang models; the Shelby GT350 and the Shelby GT350R, and performance shift light can be controlled to set shift modes, select from three different modes and switch the feature on and off.

Focus RS Gear Change

How it Works with Launch Control

Launch control and performance shift light work hand-in-hand to create an ultra-fast manual start. When launch control is engaged, drivers can test out the 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds time of the car in real terms. Drivers need to keep up with the gear changes at this stage, so the car stays on form and delivers the right amount of power from the engine to the wheels. In the central instrument cluster, the well-positioned performance shift light function is easy for drivers to see, and doesn’t distract eyes or attention away from the road in front. The bright lights and alerts the performance shift light emits mean that there’s also no need for drivers to strain to see what instructions the system is giving them.


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