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Tire Pressure Monitor

The MK3 Focus RS features Ford’s standard tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which works by constantly monitoring the pressure of all four tyres, and sending the driver an illuminated warning message as soon as any one of the tyres suddenly becomes under-inflated. The Ford system aims to prevent tyre deflation becoming a safety issue by informing the driver as soon as possible.

How the System Works

The Ford Focus RS’ TPMS is connected to a tyre pressure sensor located inside the tyre cavity, which reads the pressure of each tyre and sends this data to the instrument panel, quickly letting drivers know if the pressure is not at the recommended level.

Sometimes when the TPMS warning light comes on, this can be resolved by inflating the tyres to the correct pressure and resetting the tyre pressure figures. You should inflate the tyre as soon as possible after the warning light appears. You should then drive the vehicle for 120 seconds at 20mph or more until the light switches off. If the same tyre still seems to be affected after it has been inflated to the correct pressure, this can signify a cut in the tyre, and it may need replacing or repairing.

The TPMS is not a replacement for manually checking vehicle tyre pressures on the RS model, and won’t show minor drops, so it’s still best to do a monthly manual check using a tyre gauge as well. If you replace a tyre with the spare tyre, the light will remain illuminated until the original tyres is repaired and refitted or completely replaced.

Maintaining the Correct Tyre Pressure

The Ford Focus RS has a manufacturer recommended tyre pressure detailed in the vehicle handbook and on a placard placed near the B-Pillar on the driver’s front door. It’s important to maintain the correct tyre pressure at all times, to avoid problems that come from low-tyres pressures, including overheating, excessive fuel consumption and tyre failure. Heavily deflated tyres can also have an effect on the vehicles handling and steering capabilities, making it harder to slow down.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Malfunction Indicator

Any problems with the actual TPMS are signified by the light flashing and then remaining illuminated but still. This will happen every time you start the vehicle until the problem is addressed. When there’s an issue with the TPMS, it might not be able to read tyre pressures correctly so shouldn’t be relied upon in these circumstances.

Benefits of TPMS

The Ford Focus RS’ tyre pressure monitoring system improves driving safety and chances of any tyre-related accidents are reduced. Monitoring the tyres and maintaining the correct pressure also means that fuel usage is more efficient and the length of the tyre life is maximised.


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