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Focus RS with Standard Silver Alloy Wheels
2016 Focus RS with Standard Silver Alloy Wheels

Tyres and alloy wheels are critically important components on any car, but even more so on a high performance car like the 2016 Ford Focus RS.

Given that the Focus RS is designed to be used on road and track, Ford has elected to offer purchasers a choice of two different alloy wheel types and, in the US and German markets, a choice of two different tyre types.


The 2016 Focus RS is supplied with 19 inch multi-spoke cast alloy wheels, with a silver/antracite finish, as standard depending on country.

Focus RS Standard Alloys

Focus RS fitted with standard wheels

Buyers can, however, elect to specify 19 inch 5×2 spoke forged alloy wheels instead. These wheels, finished in black, add £595 to the purchase price.

Focus RS Forged Alloys

Focus RS fitted with forged wheels

Both wheels are designed for 235/35 profile tyres.

The advantage of the optional forged alloy wheels are that they weigh 950 grammes less per wheel than the standard items. This reduces the unsprung weight, which in turns helps to increase available grip and improve traction. Drivers intending to use their Focus RS on track are therefore likely to consider specifying the optional forged alloys.


The tyres for the third generation Focus RS were developed by Michelin, working in close partnership with Ford.

The standard tyre specified for the Focus RS (and currently the only tyre supplied on UK specification cars) is the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. This is a dual compound tyre and is designed to offer high levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions. It is suitable for use on both road and track.

In Germany and the USA, but not currently in the UK, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tyres can be specified with the optional 19 inch forged alloy wheels. Though road-legal, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 is primarily intended for track use. Compared to the Pilot Super Sport, it offers a higher level of dry weather grip at the expense of a firmer ride and considerably reduced wet weather performance.

Focus RS Pilot Sport Cup 2 Upgrade


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