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Focus RS Seat Options
Optional Recaro Shell Front Seats

As befits a car that, particularly in drift mode, can generate considerable lateral force, the third generation Ford Focus RS is equipped with front seats that provide the driver and front passenger with the support they need during hard cornering meaning what seat options you choose is critical.

The seats specified by Ford for the Focus RS are made by Recaro, a renowned Germany company whose automotive seats are fitted as standard or optional equipment by many of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Two different front seat types are available for the Focus RS: the standard ‘RS’ branded Recaro seat and, as a cost option, an ‘RS’ branded Recaro shell type seat.

The Standard Seat

The Focus RS is supplied with figure-hugging Recaro front seats, with leather side bolsters, as standard. The seats are manually adjustable both fore and aft and for height, and offer a good balance level of comfort and support. Heated front seats are a cost option in the US market Focus RS, but not (as yet) in the UK.

Focus RS Standard Seats

The seats come in one colour – charcoal – no matter which body colour has been chosen. The sole exception to this is that the side bolsters on Nitrous Blue cars are finished in blue.

Focus RS Standard Seat with Nitrous Blue Bolsters

Upgrade Option – “The Shell Seat”

The standard Focus RS seats, though supportive, are designed primarily for road use. RS buyers have therefore been given the option to purchase seats that offer a greater level of support for track use.

These seats – known as shell seats – are also made by Recaro, are charcoal in colour and carry ‘RS’ branding. As with the standard seats, the inner bolsters are leather whereas the centre panels are covered in what Ford describes as “authentic motorsport microfibre”.

Unlike the standard seats, the side bolsters on the shell seats are the same colour as the centre panels irrespective of body colour. The height of the shell seats is fixed and cannot be adjusted. This has led to some criticism that they are mounted too high in the car, leading the driver to feel that he or she is sitting on the car rather than in it. Ford are currently exploring solutions to this issue.

Shell seats are a cost option on the RS and add £1145 to the car’s purchase price in the UK.

Focus RS Recaro Shell Seats

The Rear Seats

As would be expected in a five door hatchback, the third generation Focus RS has seating for three adults in the rear. The rear seat back has a 60/40 split to provide maximum load carrying flexibility.

Unlike the front seats, there are no rear seat options available to Focus RS purchasers however Nitrous Blue buyers that opt for the standard seats get matching blue detailing on the rear seats.

Focus RS Rear Seats

Focus RS Rear Seats with Nitrous Blue Inserts
Focus RS Rear Seats with Nitrous Blue Inserts


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